Simply effective natural products

Introducing a range of natural products featuring Lemon Myrtle, helping to improve the wellbeing of you and your family, whilst caring for our environment. Bio-nature’s wealth of experience in supplements and natural body care has allowed us to put together a range of natural products that are simply effective.

Good health is all about balance. This is why our range of natural supplements and body care products have been put together to help protect both the person and the environment. Together with our retailers we hope to help you make positive steps to a healthier lifestyle.

Lemon Myrtle Farm

Our Lemon Myrtle farm in Australia

Lemon Myrtle

Lemon Myrtle has been used as a bush food and natural remedy for centuries.

Recently the value of this important botanical has been rediscovered and the essential oil with its anti-bacterial qualities is being used in a variety of applications such as aromatherapy, household cleaning, in soaps and even in cooking.

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Bio-nature Supplements

All products in the bio-nature range of supplements are presented in excipient free formulas.

We use only active ingredients that are suitable for all, including vegetarians and vegans. We choose to present our products in this way so that they break down in the stomach quicker and easier than tablets or gelatine capsules.

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